Ship Agency Services

VELA Ship Agency Service

  • VELA Shipping Agency, with its high status corporate structure, high representation and competence team, strong capital, provides shipping agency services and provides high benefits to the ship it represents and its stakeholders.
  • Solid connections with respective port authorities and work closely service providers,
  • Deep knowledge of cargo operations and how to carefully arrange loading and discharge of specific commodity types.
  • An easy and intuitive network directory, so that you can quickly get in touch with our operations team in each port,
  • Quality checked and trained agents our service performance towards you,
  • Pre-agreed agency fees in selective ports,
  • Professional Ship Agents that handle all DA accounts and financial transactions,
  • Safe handling of your crew to secure the welfare of people,
  • Great service and always reliable.

Port Ship Agency Service​

  • Port Ship Agency Service Managing all port and cargo operations as well as service procurement, reporting and accounting on behalf of ship operators and charterers.
  • Handling all paperwork and requirements properly between the Vessel and the Authorities.
  • Timely clearance of the vessel with relevant Authorities at arrival and departure without any time loss.
  • Payment of all related dues to related Authorities timely and in full without any surprise or problem to our Clients.
  • Keeping all related parties informed about vessel’s prospects timely and in advance.

Ship Protective & Husbandry Service

  • Protecting agency services both for shipowners and charterers to supervise counterparty’s agents throughout the port calls and/or transit passages in order to avoid any conflict of interest which may arise with many stakeholders involved in a call…
  • Checking the PDA of the Charterers’ agents and clarify unclear items as Protective agents.
  • Payment of dues to Charterers’ agents and handling of the accounts on behalf of the Principals as being Protective Agents.
  • Arrangement of Principals’ requests without the involvement of the Charterers’ agents with more reliable contractors and better prices.
  • We deliver cost-effective and on-time husbandry services;

    • Ship’s supply arrangements (bunkers, lubricants, provisions, fresh water, bonded stores etc.).
    • Hull, deck and engine survey support.
    • Garbage and waste oil disposal arrangements.
    • Diving support.
    • Motorboat and car services.
    • Delivery and clearance services. Like cash to master, spare, mail and store.

Crew Support Ship Agency Service

  • Arranging Crew transport, accommodation, facilitating immigration and medical assistance in Tekirdağ & Marmara Ereğlisi region.

Customs Ship Agency Service

  • Arranging customs clearance for ship’s spares delivery in Tekirdağ & Marmara Ereğlisi region.
  • We provide a special customs clearance service for the parts that will be removed from the ship for repair.
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