Ship Agency Services

VELA Ship Agency Service

  • Passenger, cargo, maintenance/repair, survey, supply, personnel change, loading/unloading, guide/tugboat pick-up etc. of all kinds of marine vehicles and vehicles arriving at Turkish ports. We organize the performance of the transactions before the relevant persons, organizations and units, ensure that the rules stipulated by the Laws of the Republic of Turkey are fully implemented and that all kinds of information related to these works are reported accurately and in a timely manner. 
  • As the commercial and administrative representative of the ship, it protects its legal rights and interests in a superior way, organizing the ship’s affairs, providing permission, service or document, transferring the information to the relevant parties, performing the transactions related to the ship’s crew, paying the cost of the ship’s call, maritime trade together with financial transactions. We offer a comprehensive shipping agency service as a whole.
  • We work in an organized manner with the port authorities and qualified service providers in the regions we serve, and we provide important temporal contributions to our customers by improving the time performance of the operations in the Port Operations, thanks to our relationship networks, communication, trust, dependency, and information sharing.
  • Our seafarers are the most experienced in the region, with a deep knowledge of cargo operations and how to carefully organize the loading and unloading of certain types of commodities.
  • We have an easy network directory for you to quickly contact our operations team at each port. With this directory, we maximize reliability.
  • We ensure that the paper and paperwork between the ship and the competent authorities regarding the passage of the Turkish Straits is organized quickly and safely, the fees are paid, and the ship makes the strait passages safely on time.
  • We manage ship accounts and financial transactions professionally, by providing you with a faster and more reliable service with the agency and port fees agreed in advance at selected ports.
  • We provide all the services that the ship needs in an organized manner with our qualified service providers.

Our Full Range Of Ship Agency Services Include:

  • Full vessel in/out clearances,
  • Port Information,
  • Cargo load and Discharge supervision,
  • Cargo superintendents and Port Captains,
  • Stevedore arrangement,
  • Surveys arrangement,
  • P&I advice,
  • Permitting,
  • Protective Agency Services,
  • Hub Agency,
  • Line Agency,
  • Bunker call coordination,
  • Cash to master delivery,
  • Coordination of medical attendance,
  • Crew change coordination,
  • Crew Visa arrangement,
  • Dry Dock supervision,
  • Lay Ups,
  • New Building supervision,
  • Repairs,
  • Spare parts, provision procurement and delivery.

All Type Vessel Service Include:

  • Breakbulk
  • Chemicals
  • Crude
  • Container
  • Cruise
  • Dry bulk
  • Animals
  • Naval
  • Product
  • Project/heavy lift
  • Reefer
  • Ro-Ro
  • Tug and barge
  • Gas LPG& LNG Carriers
  • Port Vessel

Covering All Parts:

  • Owners/operators
  • Receivers
  • Charterers
  • Ship managers
  • Suppliers
  • Traders

Port Ship Agency Service​

  • By following the cargo and ship operations in the port by the relevant persons, organizations and units, performing the port operations on time, speeding up the works, unloading or loading the goods as soon as possible and safely, performing the paperwork, receiving or delivering the cargo, The follow-up of deficiencies or surpluses is managed and reported correctly by our qualified operations department, which consists of 6 people who have received undergraduate education in the field of Maritime.

Turkish Straits Ship Agency Services

  • The information management system integrated with the Turkish Straits Ship Traffic Services, the fast and safe organization of information, paperwork and financial affairs between the vessel and the competent authorities regarding the passage of the Turkish Straits, thanks to our local guides in Istanbul and Çanakkale We ensure that it is done on time.

Ship Protection and Administration Services

  • To prevent any conflict of interest that may arise with many stakeholders involved in an operation, to supervise the agents of the other party during port calls or transits, to advise both shipowners and charterers, to check the PDA of the charterers’ agents, to pay the ship’s dues on time and to check the accounts, We provide protective agency services to ensure cost-effective and timely service delivery.

Ship Personnel Services

  • In case of ship personnel change, ship personnel illness or going on leave, the required visa fee, welcome, hotel, vehicle, doctor, hospital, medicine, etc. We perform such services in an organized manner with our qualified service providers.

Ship Captain Advance Delivery and Supply

  • We ensure the safe delivery of the cash money sent to the ship’s safe to the ship.

Ship Requirements, Customs Affairs, Ship Parts and Material Transfer Services

  • With the customer team, we organize the ship disruption and the delivery of the customers to the ship in transit from abroad by the ship owner, charterer or operator for the need of the ship.

  • Thanks to our guarantees and authorizations in the Customs Authorities, we saw that the equipment on the ship was removed from the ship for repair, workshop transportation, tests and maintenance were carried out.

Ship Supply and Service Provisions

  • We carry out the arrangements for all kinds of fuel, oil and water supply needs of the ship in an organized manner with our qualified service providers.
  • Certification and insurance surveyor arrangements and supervision services for ships.
  • Syntene / Slop and Solid Waste Collection Organization.
  • We provide Diver support for survey and maintenance.
  • We provide motor boat or ferry services for transportation to the ship by sea.
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